thoughts and ideas of an average not-so-
2005-01-03 17:58:34 (UTC)

why do they.........

why do they call me a fag? i have never had a gay
relationship, maybe because i am the closest thing to a fag
(liberal) in a school of ohioan republicans/conservitives.
or maybe simply because i am different, not normal, not
average, in every aspect of me i am not average, i am not a
football fan, i don't like wrestling, i am not athletic, i
dont drink, i dont do drugs (my school is notorious for
pot) i dont even have a cellphone or cable/satillite. i
dont dress like they do i dont look like they want me to
iam simply different from them. i am an abnormality, some
might say that i am a cancer. i refuse to aknowledge GWB as
the supreme ruler of the universe simply because i dont
agree with his veiws, you see i am a liberal, pro gay
rights, pro abortion, naturalist, and a conspiricy theorist
and psychic some times. they call me a fag, a terrorist and
an idiot. they say i am a sicko and should be locked up or
shot. they i should keep my mouth shut and become MATURE
they probably dont even know what MATURE means, they think
it involves becoming a man, to stand up for yourself, in
some aspects they are right but they forgot they every
important that maturity involves responsiblity and seeing
the world through your opponents eyes. i am not like them
and they cannot stand that i am DIFFERENT and not in the
normal DIFFERENT, i am not goth, i dont rebel, i dont where
black and they cant comprehend that fact, maybe because i
am liked by my parents and not yelled at, i am not beat by
my parents, even for the most heinous of things, i am not
saying that my parents are laizze-faire i am saying my
parents are not harsh, but they dont let me run buck wild.
maybe they dont like me because i have no lifelong friends,
i am constantly going to a different school , my only
friend that i have kept through out all these transitions
is my friend, patrick. iam not trying to desguise who i am
or where i live i am just saying that they dont like me. in
response to their ATTACKS i have formed defenses, i lie, i
hide and i cry. when i lie, i make up things to get
attention or to divert it, i am not saying i am good at it
though, i absolutly stink at it. when i hide i go to
somewhere where i know they cant get me, like books, or my
head or games or false lives that i live somewhere else,
always somewhere far far far far far far away from my
antagonists. when i cry i never really cry, i weep tears of
thought this is when i am the most creative and ingenious.
i must go, my time grows short and the wolves are about to
attack BB psyanara

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