everyday thoughts
2005-01-03 17:21:16 (UTC)

movie/shopping day

well, I just woke up...rly boring around here, but gracie
will be coming ova 4 a movie morning bc we bought like 7
movies! lol. Im @ home bc I dont think we have skool 2day,
I hope not. neway, my b-day is coming up this sunday! is
gonna be sooo krunk! we're gonna party it up the whole
weekend! hell ya! sry, a lil bit too x-cited. I'm going
shopping today ( finally ) to get my boots maybe or just
clothes. I dunno yet bc I either buy them 2day or get the
ones I rly want when I get my b-day money. im prly just
gonna wait and spend all my money on skool clothes. wich I
need...badly! thing is that I only have $60 to spend. not
much at all. but I'll make it work. Dude, new year's was
fun! me, kayla, mike, and gracie all went out. we got
chased by a motha sucka dog! it was halarious! even after
this woman came out of her house to yell 2 us 4 saying holy
shit so much n being loud. lol. Well, I dunno what to do bc
my "bf" calvin is well, not here, he's also rly ugly beyond
belief n not to sound cocky but I can do much betta! matter
of fact I am. lol. I can never be loyal...neway, this guy
i've been talking to is hot! a senior n is so into me its
actually sweet. he texts me every morning to say gd
morning, wich means that I'm the 1st person he thinks about
when he wakes up. Totally hot! so if you make me pick my
choice would be obvious! but then again I'm scared 2 mess
up my friendship w-calvin. I would hate it if I screw up
our friendship. well...gots to go, l8r!

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