Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2005-01-03 17:09:42 (UTC)

new year...

Ok, well I spent a safe and pretty sober new year. Stayed
at home and watched a Lord of the Rings Marathon.
Excitement galore!

Didn't really have the money to go anywhere, with school
starting next week, cause every dollar I have is going
towards books. Also I had to work on new years, so partying
too hard would not have been productive, especially since
I'm supposed to get medical this month, I don't need to be
in trouble at work.

guess I have no NEW year's resolutions, just old ones. Do
well in classes. Become a more responsible, healthy me. No
more rolling, and try to stop smoking. Find a decent
relationship with a good caring man. I'm getting kinda
tired of all my friends being couples, and me being all
alone (no offense guys). Holidays are always tough for me,
being surrounded by it all...

Classes start on monday the 10th. Wish me luck...

Love you all, and thanks for the holiday wishes and cheer.
For those of you who asked, here is my info again...

Mark Gittner
40 wentworth ct
Dalzell sc 29040

ask for my phone

birthday - 7/6/76

Take Care!