Give me some advice
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2005-01-03 06:53:31 (UTC)

Going on for sometime!!!!!!!!!!1

My family and i have just met these nice people
(mother&daughter)About 1 or 2 Months ago.The mother has
been giving us strange things like she gave us a car for
FREE and takes us horse back riding usually when ever we
wait takes pics and developes them for us all this with no
charge .she is soo nice but doesnt know how to leave us
alone ,she is always at my house for something.I spent the
night with her daughter twice and she spent the night with
me once just two days after we had came home from
vacation.Friday night the woman said that it was ok for me
to drive her daughter all over town . I dont even have a
lisence yes i did it but i was very stupid for doing that i
already know .my boyfriend is soo worried about me.he says
their nothing but trouble my mom and step dad SAY the same
but never refuse anything and still go to her house and
talk to her ,but behind her back there talken shit like
always.My mom and step -dad fight a lot about stupid stuff
and my mom always loves to put me in the middle of every
thing.i dont know what to do friday ngiht the woman was
babysitting a baby at a womans house (the woman is a
possible drug dealer)WEll the woman babsettting went threw
all the other womans stuff.And to think about it the woman
wanted to watch my house while we were on vak.please tell
me something .Im confused me and the girl r friends but
shes getting on my nerves for real and i dont know what to
do her and her mom have gave soo much to me and my mom
sister step-dad.Please tell me something


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