Mage's Cool Info!
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2005-01-03 06:36:10 (UTC)

My Info!

Neopets Username - Mage_of_tarutaru
Aim - Lionmaster44
E-Mail Address - [email protected]

Name - Raffi
Age - 13
Birth Date - July 25
Location - California LA
Grade - 8th
Height - 5'5
Weight - 120 lbs
Eyes - Hazel
Hair - Dark Brown

Wish List

Saving For - Baby Paint Brush, Maraquaran Paint Brush
Planning on Buying - The Lab Map!


Food - Cheese Burgers and Fries
Drink - Pepsi
Candy - Reeses
TV Show - Teen Titans
Movie - The Incredible’s
Month - July
Season - Winter
Subject(school) - Lunch (lol)
Color - Red/Blue
Store - Game Stop


Brush ur teeth? - Yep
Like anyone? - Of course
Have any piercings? - Nope
Ever get off the computer? - Duh yeah
Like to give hugs? - All the time (to girls)
Like to walk in the rain? - Yeah
Prefer black or blue pens? - Black
Dress up for halloween? - Yep
Have a job? - No
Like to travel? - Yeah
Sleep on your side, tummy or back? - Tummy!
Want to marry? - Not yet I just want to have a slight G/F
Have a goldfish? - Goldfish? ? Hah I have an aquarium!
Ever had the falling dream? - Yep...scary!
Have stuffed animals? - Only One....................
Go on vacation? - Yah!


What do you want to be when u grow up? - A Vetranarian
What was the worst day of ur life? - When my cat AND dog
died, they were like my babies.
What has been the best day of ur life? - Um...
What do u usually think of before u go to bed? - Stuff...


Movie: Final Fantasy
Song: 1, 2 Step by Ciara!
Group: My Avatar Guild! (props avvie collector)
Store: Game Stop
Relative: My Bro

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