Erume's Thoughts and Life
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2005-01-03 06:28:43 (UTC)

Can't Sleep

I couldnt sleep, so I decided to look at my friend's
profiles on MSN. I clicked on one who had this as their
home page and I thought it was kudos, so I started one of
my own.
For those of you who dont know me, I'm Jaki, I'll be
seventeen in about seventeen days, hey that's kudos.
Anyways, I got to Alexander and I'm in the colorguard, for
those of you who dont know what that is, it's the people
with the flags in the band. Uh..I've got a boyfriend whom
I've been dating for about three weeks, but I've known him
for about three months...and that's about it.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, I had just gotten back
from Mexico the day before yesterday, it was pretty cool
because I got to see my half brothers whom I haven't seen
since like May or something like that.
It's weird having them, most people dont think it's a big
deal to have half brothers or sisters, but for me it is
because I didnt know until I was about thirteen. I mean I
knew when I was younger, but I didnt fully understand, you
know? It was weird at first, but I really love them and I
miss them so much. I want them to come to Laredo so that I
can take them out and stuff, but I dont know if they can
get their passports ready yet, hopefully they'll be able
to make it for my graduation. That would be the best
graudation gift ever.

I'm kinda bored right now. Normally I would be talking to
my boyfriend about stupid stuff and telling him how much
that I love and miss him. I couldnt tell my family my real
feelings for him because I think that they'd seriously
freak. But with him I've felt things that I've never felt
with another guy before. I know it sounds dumb and corny
but it's true. I can't stop thinking about him and when I
do (which is all the time) I'm always smiling or laughing
at past memories that we've shared. And when I'm talking
to him I can't but feel even happier. I hate that he goes
to a different school, I only get to hang out with him
only once or twice a week. That's probably why I value our
relationship more than I did when I had my other
boyfriend. But I dont want to talk about him, that was the
past and Homer is my present and hopefully my future. Lol,
more corny sounding stuff, but it's true. And I really
miss him, although I'll be seeing him later on today, he's
going to come over so we can to go the park and mess
around with my little brother. I'm just happy that I'll be
seeing him.