My Story
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2005-01-03 05:04:53 (UTC)


My name is Gilhdur. i am the son af one of the
coolest men that ever lived. he really was everything to
everybody. he was a good husband, a good father, a good
cop, a good soldier, and a good doctor in his lifetime.
despite dropping out of college and being honorably
discharged from the army, his only real failure to me was
dying when i was seven years old. so, he will always be my
father, but i cant now call him dad. that prestigious
title has been claimed by another. my step-dad is, by all
accounts, one of the coolest father figures of all my
friends. my mother, too, is "kick ass cool". i'ld have to
agree considering the number of time i've been cought
smoking, and then giving nothing in the form of punishment,
except a "i know he'll quit someday, his father quit for
him, he'll quit for his father." needless to say the
reverse psychology worked wonderfully. my new-year's
resolution: quit smoking.(i'll start that next week)
But my family, as hopefully you have infered from the
above paragraph, is not a point of tension in my life. i
am happy at home, bored, but happy. but i've never been so
happy as i was this summer with all my friends. you see, i
had been home-schooled for the past two years before last
year, and i had become somewhat of a social hermit, but
this summer i really came out of my shell. i actually had
friends. not just drinking buddies (they were that too
mind you), but they were more. and with them i have tasted
more of this poisonous wine they call life, and its bitter
teenage burn than with all the occupants of these past
memories that fill my warped mind. in the company of these
six people i have seen true love, and felt true pain. i
have been the most admired human being on this shit mound
named Earth, and the most dispised wretch to ever heave its
way into the abissmal depths of existence. i have stared
death in the face, and experienced life for the first time.
through all the tears and blood and all the losing and
drinking and finding again, i have been by these people and
they have been by me. now, when everything seems to be
ending, i'm writing my story for you all to read. all that
i've gained, all that ive lost, is here for you to see.

Enjoy be continued