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2005-01-03 04:57:11 (UTC)

happy new year?

will it be a happy new year? i wonder ...

i started the year off by spending it at my sister's milk
bar. they didn't want to leave coz they were scared that
someone was going to rob them blah blah.
so anyway they invited all the family and only mum and i
showed up.
it pisses me off how they expect people to bend over
backwards for them and when the situation is reversed they
won't do it. people are such bloody hypocrites.
i guess in the end, life is just one big hypocrisy.
so yea .. it wasn't too bad i guess, but i could have
thought of a few better things to do. next year will be better.

i'm umm having these crazy sexual urges the last couple of
days. when i say sexual urges .. i don't just mean normal
sexual urges for men .. but these are for women. i was
chatting to an online friend last night and found myself
fantasizing about kissing her breasts and eating her out. oh
how it turned me on. i can't seem to think of anything but
atm. argh. i'm so confused. does this mean i'm lesbian? bi?
normal? who knows. i just wish i had some hard nipples right
here to suck and nibble on :/

music: linkin park vs jay-z - encore/numb