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2005-01-03 03:05:37 (UTC)

no so shit!!!

written on january 1st 2005

well i did sneak out coz mum and dad wouldn't let me go
out. but the gud thing about sneaking out is that you dont
have a curfew. i had to go to the train station by myself
at like 11pm. i felt like such a dick coz i woz by myself.
but heaps of hot guys (all of them were black) were there
so it was pretty sweet. and there was this espcially hot
one called tino. he woz just so fuckin sexy. and he was
friend wit walter so he said he wud luk after me which was
awsome. the train came a bit late which sucked. but on the
train i saw rangi who i hadnt seen in ages. but he wasn't
goin into town. also on the train was damien and dylan. i
gave dylan a hug but not damien i cant fuckin stand the
guy nemore. they werent goin into town either. also at the
train station i met andrew. i hadnt seen him for years.
him and my brother used 2 best friends back @ primary
school. and he still remembers me. i remember his mum
being very nice. so we had a big long chat on the train.

well i met te awhi at the train station. and since the
train was so late josh and sam had ditched him. what sad
guys aye?! they were both looking pretty fine. (dont get
me wrong i dont like every guy i meet, i just happen to
meet sum fine guys. and just coz i think they're good
looking doesnt mean i like them k??!!) well it so really
sad coz on the countdown on new years eve i had no-one to
hook up wit. its not like i was gonna grab josh or sam or
te awhi. imagine how embarrasing it wud b if i got
rejectd. espcially in front of all those people!!! after
the countdown in civic square we headed to town (manners
mall) it was pretty boring coz all they wanted to do was
go to timeout. BORING. sam had had a few beers but to be
honest i dont think he was drunk i think he was just fakin
it oh well. its not my decision for him to be a tryhard.
then we had nowhere else to go so i suggestd the beach.
when we were heading off there arnya rung and we had a
little chat. it sounded like she was having a good time as
well so that was groovy. in the end we dicided not to go
to the beach in the end we went to frankits park. on the
way we saw tino and his mates and i gave a few of them a
hug for new years and tino gave me a KISS on the cheek. i
felt so spiecial that was pretty boring but there were
some people there. by this time me and sam were getting
pretty close. te awhi had to catch the 2am train home
which suckd. coz i didnt want to leave him to go byhimself
by train but i did in the end coz josh and sam were stayn
in town. so then te awhi left. and me and sam were getting
even closer. but then jasmine came and was instantly all
over sam and they startd hookin up like animals. i felt so
stupid but i guess there was no need for feeling stupid
coz no one knew how i felt. ne way i know wed only b
hooking up and im looking for a serious relationship. lol.
but then i went up onto the slide thingy and josh was
there (i guess he was waiting for me) and we startd
hooking up. he wasnt as gud as i rememberd unfortunatley
but oh well i least i got some that nite. but then he told
me he had a gf and that cud i pleeze not tell neone we
hukd up. i dont care if the reason was that he had a gf
(altho i felt really mean) but it jsut betta not of been
coz hes ashamed to b hooking up wit someone that in
the "in crowd". and since he had a gf i wasnt gonna do
anything else wit him. not only coz he had a gf but one of
new years resoloutions is to only further then hooking up
if i go out wit the guy!! and i betta stick to it. well me
and josh moved around alot and hooked up in various
places. evrytime we hooked up he seemed to get more
slobberier and more horny. but then i guess that MOST guys
for ya. then wen we were walking around we saw callum,
james and rusty and sum other guys. but callum is so nice.
he's really hot.hehe. well we talked to them for a while
then when they went away me and josh hooked up again. an
then i guess we had dry sex. i really wanted to go back
into town to get something to eat and c if i could find
tino. but by the time we got to a mc donalds it was
closed. if only we cud of gone sooner. at the train
station we saw josh tharali and had a great chat to him.
we got on the 4 am train home. i snuck back into my room
wit no trouble at all. i was quite proud of goin into town
wit out being caught!!!

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