Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-01-03 02:55:20 (UTC)

Deep Reflections

Damn. I forgot to write in this thing yesterday. Looks
like my New Year's Resolution lasted a whole day (which
shouldn't even count anyway because I actually wrote it on
New Year's Eve). Ah, well, I held out a lot longer than
most people.

My brother went to the gym on Saturday like he does every
morning. He informed me that there were a lot of new, fat
faces working out. If the fact that you're fat, slow,
flabby, saggy, and in bad health is not enough to motivate
you to go work out, then you're not going to find much
reason to exercise just because the calendar reads 2005.

Even funnier are the people who don't have enough
dedication to start their routine until Monday morning.
Their motivation comes not only in the form of a new year,
but also must come on a weekday as well. I'm sure they'll
all follow through with their exercise plans and become
trim, shapely, attractive members of society once more.

I got a message from Steph about how she missed my
cynicism after she read my first journal entry. Am I
cynical? I had no idea. . . .

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