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2005-01-03 00:59:35 (UTC)

Jan02 Reflecting on The Tsunami

Dear Diary,

Today was rather dull.

Woke up late, didn’t do much.

Stayed indoors all day.

Oh yeah I watched the news in-depth today. There was a
special coverage on CNN and BBC about the Tsunami that hit
across Asia. The death toll has been rising from 12,000 to
22,000, to 60,000 and so on and the latest result today was
above 160,000 people dead and about half the number still

This kinda news makes one to think more about the value of
life and the things we take for granted. There were
countless of stories on the news about people who lost
completely everything, their property, wife and children. So
many sad and dreadful stories. I wept inside deeply for
those who lost so much and those who died. Infact I actually
cried when I watched the news.

And to think that this all happened during the New Year.

I weep inside.

Tomorrow I start school. A New Year, A new term, a new
opportunity for change and progress. A chance to make a