MY LIFE 2005
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2005-01-02 22:55:31 (UTC)

sick with it

Well this morning I reminded brian of everything he did
new years. He said he didn't remember. Yeah Right!We had a
talk and decided that it was best for us to divorce. I
don't ever see myself trusting him again. I will never
forget either. I need to keep reminding myself this is
best for me and our kids. I can do sooo much better. I
went ahead and told my mom. She is pissed at him. I hope
she doesn't try to start an argument with him.
I called his mom today and told her. She can't believe it.
We have been together 9 years and married only 4 months.

I told her we are going to move back to lexington as soon
as possible. Then I will go back to work at kilber....

Well today was pretty good as far as my diet goes. I am
going to walk tonight.
One day at a time...

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