2005-01-02 21:16:20 (UTC)


sooo umm... yea this is my diary... i dont like callin it
a diary it sounds so girly! ~lol~ well i dont no if ima
use this or my xanga.. im just givin this thingy a try.. i
had one of these a long ime ago but i forgot wat my
password was so o well! so wat have i dun today... ate
breakfast.. it was pretty much lunch since it was at like
1 ~lol~ then my aunt and uncle cam over... o was still in
my pjs bc no one todl me there were comin over so then i
got dressed and did my makeu p and my hair then i got on
the computer talked t osome ppl.. then steven needed to
talk to me but i couldent find my fone... oppsy ~lol~ so i
ended up not calling him.. and now im just sitting here
and my mosm gettin dinner ready! its only 4 15 and shes
almost dun gettin dinner ready! geez... i guess were
eating early bc were goin to go see a moive! but i dont no
fi i want to go.. bt i have to soo o well... yepp im
pretty bored.. call me if u want ill ttyl! ::.lisa.::