What's On My Heart
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2005-01-02 20:36:08 (UTC)

Sleeping habits and relationship counseling

Another entry.....

Not too much going on here. It's pretty nice out for being
January 2nd. I didn't have to wear a coat when I went
outside which was a good thing, cuz I don't know where mine
is. Last night was hectic and long and tiring. I was so
glad to crawl lazily into my queen size bed with my nice
warm flannel sheets and just close my eyes. *sighs* Then I
remembered....I have to call the heart specialists! Shoot a
monkey! So, I rolled out of my bed and grabbed the nearest
phone. That wasn't the funnest part of last night, but it
was the last part right before I went to sleep. Then, at
the wonderful hour of 6 this morning, I woke up and did what
any sane person who was in a warm, comfy bed would do. I
hit the snooze button. Yeah, I had work, but who cares? I
will sleep in to the very last nano-second. And that I did
folks. Now, anyway, who wants to hear about sleeping and
waking up habits?! Not very many I am sure. So, here's
something else totally off the subject.

Will, the guy I have been with for about 5 months, has been
cheating on me. Now, what is it with guys cheating? Why
dont they just get some guts and tell the girl? It really
isn't that hard. I promise. Now, girls, same for you. If
you are cheating on your so-called man, tell him. He'll be
hurt, but at least you won't have a rep of a player. Very
simple logic here people. Back to Will, so yeah, he's been
cheating on me. I found this out by his sister's boyfriend.
I kinda figured it out, but wasn't definite. That
confirmed it. Needless to say, he and I haven't talked for
the past 3 days. This is the second time I've been cheated
on, so maybe it's me. I'm probably doing something very
wrong in my relationships. What it is though, I have no idea.

Can you believe this past year is over? 2005, wow! I'm
stuck on that for some reason. Okay, I'm over thinking
about it....

Well, you are talking to a new girl. Still the same person,
but now....I'm single. I was single before, but I was kinda
with Will in a "youre-my-boy, I'm-your-girl" type
relationship. So, we weren't technically together. He
didn't want to be considered "taken," ya know what I'm
saying? *sighs* Guys are the fickle ones sometimes. Girls
have the mood swings, but guys are just down right
mysterious sometimes. I know you never can tell when a girl
is in a good or bad mood because we have a talent to change
them impulsively, but guys....they are just quiet and keep
to themselves. And that's another thing....why when someone
breaks up with another person do they say, "It's not you,
it's me."? Cmon, just be blunt. Tell the person that you
don't like them anymore. Granted, that's harsh, but true.
Honesty is a very important part to a relationship. No
matter what kind of relationship it is....friendship,
marriage, business, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Honesty is a
key characteristic. It's hard because some people lie to
avoid hurting the other, but they will find out eventually,
why make it worse by waiting? Now, there is a difference
between just avoiding it to avoid pain and avoiding it and
WAITING for a better time to tell them. Take my true ex for
example. Andy cheated me. He didn't want to tell me. So,
instead of getting it off his chest, he dealt with the guilt
and ended up breaking up with me. Seven months after that,
he told me. All I told him was how I felt. "I still love
you. I can't change the past and neither can you. I
forgive you." That's all. I still want to be with him.
Now, he waited to avoid the pain. In the end, he ended up
breaking my heart worse by breaking up with me for the
reason of his guilt. But he did right in the aspect of the
fact that he eventually told me and he did it when he and I
were alone and could just talk about what happened. He
didn't do it in front of his friends or family....he wanted
it to be between me and him. I wish he had told me sooner,
but like I said, I can't change the past...nor will I try
to. That's just a little word of advice to all those
couples out there that are wanting info on relationships.

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