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2005-01-02 19:11:41 (UTC)

(cue music -) WELCOME 2 MY LIFE

Welcome 2 my life, can i help YOU? can i focus on wat
YOU want? YOUR needs r important to me.
~#*~YEAH RITE~*#~
more like ~welcome to my life, do YOU think I give a
CRAP or a care about YOUR needs, wat u want, wat's wrong
w/ ur life?~
yeah [email protected] it. my mind has been racin thinkn about who i
like. Phil?, Nat?, Soccer?, or Danny? or Lanny? and my
thoughts toward my biological father. he hasn't called in
4evr after he swore he would. i don't know wat 2 think of
him ne more.
@ mom's wrk. & Soccer STILL hasn't e-maild me. his ma
says he hasn't been home ALL week. wondr if he's just mad
@ me.
Angel/Demon wants 2 get on the computer...guess i gotta
get off SHORTLY. SHORTLY meaning not NOW!! ha ha ha ha ha
little sis's can be a pain!! glad i'm getn a car SOON! ~ha~
neway, i think my new years resolution, ~be more
responsible. i swear i'm always getn in trouble just
MAINLY b/c i lost sumthin or didn't do sumthin.
been on this diary about a week.
i wonder if Mike-Ike and Black as Cole r mad @ me 4
winin the talent show @ skool... if they r they r
pathetic...i mean SURE, pick on the chik 1 year youngr
than u... life tough when ur in ur teens...sumtimes it
sucks... but u get ovr it.
well i'm out,

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