My Dream Journal
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2005-01-02 18:18:39 (UTC)

unlikely marriage

I am sitting in the family room at our house and I hear
mom and dad talking in the kitchen. Mom says she heard
something interesting at church today. Two people told
her: Aunt Donna (who in real life doesn't actually go to
our church anymore nor even live here most of the time)
and Bob Owen, but Bob seemed to have more inside scoop,
she says. The news is that my mom's cousin Beverly (who
in real life is actually married) is going to marry "uncle
Charlie's nephew." Mom says "I'm not sure whether to be
happy or sad about this." I pretend not to be listening,
but I'm very confused. I realize that Uncle Charlie's
only nephews are Alex and Clinton, but Mom seems to be
talking about someone we don't really know, as if it's
somehow on the other side of the family. Dad doesn't give
much of a response.

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