Its My Life
2005-01-02 15:38:54 (UTC)


This whole week has just been terrible.. nothing this week
went right for me. Friends flagged me out, my babey thinks
I got something going with another guy, got into some shit
and the cops and dectectives are involved, and now the
horrible loss of Rashard Patterson. I have done nothing but
cried I miss him so fucking much. When they showed his cute
little picture on the news I just yelled " my LiL Shardiee"
and cried and cried. Why do people do the shit they do.
Rashard did not deserve this his life did not need to be
takin from him. I hope that Clyde Robinson kid sees what he
did and how he tore up everyones hearts.Going back to
school tommrow is going to be so fucking bad. I dont think
I can go to my 7th period class and not have him next to
me. I cant tell you how much I miss him. Im gonna miss
turning my head in class and see him just sitting there
smiling and then giggling (he has the cutest laugh) its
gonna be awful. Since all this has happend people have been
saying that its not over and Im just so scared because so
many of my friends are involved and I dont want them hurt.
People are now going after Roderick because thats the
closest thing to Rickey they can get but hes been in Lehigh
and has nothing to do with this. Get Rickey, find him. I
dont know what else to say. I hope tommrow isnt that bad
but I allready know its gonna be...

All I Gotta Say Is Why?

Rashard Patterson
I Love You So Freekin Much
You'll Never Be Forgottin
You'll Allways Be My
LiL Shardiee

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