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2005-01-02 12:10:51 (UTC)

1-Jan-05 Today I feel pretty and daring!

I have made a resolution to be healthy in every aspect of my
life. With that in mind today I exercised as usually, but it
was enjoyable because Monica and Gabriel went with me.
Benjamin and I met them in the park and wow they actually
kept up with me! Monica is seriously fit and Gabriel is
rocking this tight ass six pack. It’s kind of funny because
I kind of thought they were a couple at first but their just
mates.....I think I’m going to like hanging out with those two.

Monica is from Chicago and is an exchange-student here
studying international banking, she’s very smart and funny.
I love her confident attitude and she’s so tall and pretty.
I have to admit that she reminds me of Melanie.....well a
sturdier Melanie that is. Right before coming here to London
she broke up with this guy she’d been dating for 2 ½ years.
Apparently he gave her a hard time about being gone for
almost nine months and wanted to end the relationship. Well
as it turned out he wanted to go out with one of her mates
and started hitting that ass before Monica suitcases were
even packed! Me....I would have been devastated and angry,
Monica waited until the day she left Chicago, called him up
and asked if his best friend for a ride to airport, his mate
said “sure, but I’m using ken’s truck cause he has my car”,
Monica said even better, because she had a lot of luggage,
here’s where it gets dodgy, she called her ex and left a
message saying goodbye, she wishes him well, and also thanks
for letting Alex drive her to the airport with his truck,
she than fucked Alex in her ex’s truck, than left her
knickers and the condoms..(yes its plural for a reason) in
backseat as a going away gift. hahahaha she and I will get
along perfectly I think!

Gabriel is um....very intriguing to me, he’s a very handsome
guy, not someone I would talk to seriously because he’s
sooooo good looking and tall, definitely a bloke that’s out
of my range. Friday night there were at least 3 girls trying
to hit on him and he was oblivious to it or pretending to first thought was maybe he’s gay???? But I don’t
think so anymore. He is very comfortable around Monica and
I, she says he’s so much fun to be with, they go shopping
together and are always hanging out doing stuff since they
got here, (I asked her if she liked him and she said no, she
dates only black and puerto rican guys to the dislike of her
family.) He isn’t dating anyone now, has never been in love
or had his heart broken. Monica and I laughed at him for
that, he says that any girl that he’s ever dated the
relationship has ended amicably and their still mates! OMFG!
Is he serious? He’s a flirt, but not obnoxiously so; you can
tell he knows he’s good looking. He’s not arrogant or stuck
about it. I guess he’s ok, I’m still not sure though. He is
however “one nice tall glass of water” to look at!

We hung out at the starbucks for most of the evening talking
about ourselves and just things in general. I told them both
about Kevin and they thought it was cool. I’m so glad they
didn’t judge me or anything. Monica did ask me about Devon
because she said he was staring at me the entire night
Friday. I explained to them the Devon is delusional and
thinks he and I are together. I asked them both if I gave
the appearance of flirting with him or that he and I were
together. They both said no, that as far as they could tell
I didn’t even look his way on time that night. Enough about
him, I refuse to give him more thought than a fleeting one!

I’m kinda bummed because I haven’t talked to Kevin today, I
called him but he was on his way to his grandparents’ house.
His grandmother had a nasty spill and I guess maybe she
broke her hip....I hope she’s ok. I guess that’s what I love
about Kevin the most; he is so family-oriented. I can’t wait
to see him in 7 weeks! He doesn’t even know I’m coming, and
it’s going to finally make his mates shut the fuck about me.
I hope we have fun together, I’m only going to be there a
few days, but I hope he falls in love with me in those few
days....I know long shot, but a girl can dream. I mean I
know he likes me a lot and has some feelings for me, but
he’s confused about what those feelings are. I wish I knew
too, sometimes I think why bother cause he’s so good looking
and a lot girl want him; he’s another out of my range guy. I
always want what I can’t have or someone that doesn’t want me.

I’m tired and horny, must pull out the rabbit tonight and
handle that issue. I guess my one positive thought for today
is surround yourself with beautiful people and soon you will
start to feel the same.....

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