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2005-01-02 12:04:11 (UTC)

nu yrs resalutions!!

rite i neva make ne cos id neva keep them...but im guna
make sum an keep sum!!

1)du at least my english, maths an sience coorse works an
av them in b4 its 2 l8,
2)not smoke at all this yr...this is guna b fukin hard!! an
i dont think i hav alredy this but im guna try!
3)try 2 b happy wen thers no reason 2 b sad!
4)beat the paranoia!! lol that will also b hard!!! but im
guna try 2 belive ppl wen they sey they like me!!

ok that enuf!! lol bet i dont keep them all lol1! oppps :P

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