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2005-01-02 04:40:26 (UTC) this thing on?!?!?

y does sum things just are so WRONG but feel so RIGHT?
or @ least u think it's right. i feel like i hav feelns 4
Soccer, but i'm not sure. there could also b sum guys in
the picture, Phil or Nat.? i don't know, i really don't
evn know if Nat knows who i am. 1 friend told me a dude,
(let's call him Ford) Ford, thinks i'm hott, but 3B likes
him!! i don't like Ford though.
~sumtimes it's nice 2 know sum1 thinks ur cute, evn if u
don't think they r cute.~
it's kinda just the feeln of being ~wanted~, thought
about or dreamd about by sum1, or evn knowing sum1 gets a
mental picture of u laughn or smilin, because sumthin
reminded them of u.
i don't know, sum days i just feel ugly, not CUTE. OR
cute, not DATE-ABLE. OR date-able, not HOT. OR hot, not
DESIRED? i don't know. i'm kinda depressed. i was tryin 2
watch anchorman, but could only think about Soccer, Phil,
Nat, GUYS in general!! Love SUCKS!! Soccer & i broke up
b/c he lives in F2 and i moved from F2, 2 F3.but evn if we
do get together...u know wat, i miss bein KISSED. like [email protected]
one moment wen the 2 of us shared a passionate, LOVE 4
each other. An EMOTIONAL fire burning deep inside the both
of us. both our hormones making us want to do things
neither of us would. i would always plan the moment i
would kiss him longer than 2 seconds but it always turnd
out a different way. Soccer was my 1st love, i'll miss
him. well i got 2 go, going 2 my mom's work again 2morrow
early.. i'm sure u'll hear from me there.


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