What's On My Heart
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2005-01-02 04:17:23 (UTC)


What to talk about? Honestly, I have no idea. January 1st
is over...finally. I pulled a lovely double at work today.
Made some nice tips. Oie! There is nothing to write
about, but I am determined to write every frickin' day in
this thing. Why? Good question. Well, as I said about my
resolutions...No more smoking. Okay, in all honesty, it
didn't work. I had one too many today. Not cool, not cool.
I tried, I honestly did, for about the first 2 hours I was
awake, then *BOOM* crash and burn. Literally, burn. But
hey, atleast I am honest. Not like that does very much, but
let's look at the bright side. I'm an honest person.
HOORAH for me!

My wonderful white shirt that I wear when I am waitressing
is a wonderful white shirt covered in honey mustard, BBQ, 3
different types of soups, who knows how many different pies,
and Coke (also including Diet Coke, Ice Tea, H2O, coffee,
etc). I love working at Baker's Square, but dammit! I'm so
frustrated with the spilling and the cutting and the rude
customers. If the cooks don't cook it the right way, the
waitresses get the blame. Now, why is that? Seriously, if
anyone out there has some logic to that answer, I would love
to hear. PLEASE!

I want so badly to go to bed, but something is keeping me
up. What is it? I have no idea. Maybe a guilty
conscience, or caffeine, or sugar, OH WHO KNOWS, but I sure
wish it would go away. I know some of you are thinking,
this girl is crazy, but cmon people. If you were up on your
feet from the time you woke up to the time you got back to
your bedroom to go to'll know what I am saying.
I want to go to bed. Maybe I will try again. Everyone,
have a wonderful day!

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