Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-02 03:25:29 (UTC)

Sleep....the final frontier

someone cant sleep.
hyperness at 20 past 3 is ace ive decided.

ive not been gettin much sleep at all recently.
i aint been eatin much recently either.
aint been doin much at all recently to be honest.
bit crap is life at the mo.
hey if ppl want to talk to me, any1 at alllllllllllllll
i will be in the vast openess of space for the next 10
mins. bring some fun.

wheres tht funky lil wavy line? *^£:?~ ah ha there we go

just a reminder [email protected] is me,
yeh me. i know uve forgotten.

you are mine and i am yours. time will tell.


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