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2005-01-02 02:45:48 (UTC)


-The slut feels the cool tiled floor along her bare feet
as she enters the darkened room. Her emerold orbs
shimmering brightly from the moon light. Looking about she
see's that Master has yet to be here again. Sighing softly
into the cold lonely darkness she pads to the small table.
Looking down at it she see's that the last note is still
there. Dropping down to her knees as she feels the tiles
on her bare knees. The sluts chin falls to her chest as a
small tear wells at her orbs. Picking up the pen she
slides another piece of paper out and thinks of what to
my dearst Master,
demon has been trying to do her best with this journal
thing but it's just so bloody hard. Yours Misses Your
voice Master on days that she doesn't hear it. The girl
yearns for the day that she can be Yours fully not only
mind and soul but Body someday she prays for those days.
Someday Master rt will allow Uus to be togather fully she
de prays that she is making You happy though she knows
at times that it's really hard not to be mad at her -a
soft smile curls to her lips as she remembers how she
recieved her name- She thanks You for Your kindness.
Yours has been thinkin lately of what she is too be
writing in here and she really hasn't much of a clue but
she stilll trys and she's sorry that it might not be what
it is that You want and she is sorry for that too -smiles
-The girl places the pen down a moment and places her
palms to the cool floor and presses her body up. Standing
a moment hoping that You might be in the shadows watching
Yours and then turns to the window. The slut looks out the
window and see's the snow falling gently. Staning still
dreaming of Master the slut gets a chill. Feeling every
hair on her body stand on end she moans softly as her
nipples begin to harden. CLosing her eyes she can almost
feel her Master toying with her body even though He's not
there. Turning from the window she looks to a darkened
corner the one that Master Loves so well to stand in to
watch His. The girl's eyes strain to see into them praying
that at any moment He will step out and take His girl.
Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly she
realizes that no such thing is going to happen this time
as she settles back at the table to finish her entry.-

Master Yours misses Oour time horribly. She Misses
Yours touch Your pressence the sound of Your voice she
prays that You stay well.

as ever and always Your slut
demon {QR}

-Laying the pen back down she stand slowly and pads
silently back to her room. her long tresses cascading down
her back as she enters her room and slides to her bed and
curls under her quilt and sighs softly. closing her eyes
she whispers into the ever silent darkness-

Yours loves You Master