The Diary Of Me
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2005-01-02 02:34:33 (UTC)

The Random

The night seems to change everything in this place, not
only the colour that filled the skies above our exposed
heads. this scares me. thoughts of theres are changed at
the moment the moon sits alone in the empty skies of
the atmosphere tears and rips at you as you walk among
many men of lonliness. each soul walking yet not knowing
its objectives.
what have i become. there is no-one to stop me. to stop us.
the night is the leader of this town.
A Star for every puppitiered body.

He stands alone.
over the hills he is seen.
he shifts himself along the newly cut grades.
alone. the man who left to venture with hordes of brave
men yet returned without a single allie.
the town is divided with cries of joy and moans of despair.
many families now carry on fatherless.
the man continues to manover towards his home.
few run to welcome home the wounded singleton.
but a single loving glance is prevailed by the man, yet
his jaw snaps at the welcoming few catching his retreating
daughters hand. the crowd sly away.
what has his son.father.friend.neighbour come? and where
are the rest?
victims of night

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