Sir, this is for you
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2005-01-02 02:15:12 (UTC)


Jan 1, 2005!! 8:15 PM

Sir, you're such an amazing guy. How on earth did I get
lucky enough to end up with you? I wish I could be as down
to earth as you are-- I can try, but it never really works
out. I'm think I'm just too high-strung or something.
What I really admire about you is your intelligence. I
know a lot of people who are smart, but none of them are
so laid back about it. You don't go around flaunting like
some egotists I know.

Even though I love you and completely respect you, it's
sometimes hard for me to think of you as my dominant. It's
just because I don't know all that much about it, I
suppose... A part of me thinks the whole
dominant/submissive thing is.. wrong..?? It's a very small
part though.. And it probably represents my Catholic
upbringing. Mostly that's easy to ignore, though, because
the rest of me understands that it's just a natural thing
and that it can't be helped. And when I think to myself
that I'm owned by someone I trust and love completely, I
feel so elated and comfortable.

Not to mention horny...........

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