Shattered Reflections
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2005-01-02 01:58:04 (UTC)

Devastation of My Creation

I am your destiny I promise you
There is nothing that we cannot do
Destruction follows in our shadow
We cause desolation where ever we go

Feel the power, and watch them bleed
And how they beg for their lives to keep
Show no pity my love, they are nothing to us
So give into the hunger now, give into the lust

I made you the creature you are, and to you I pledge
You and I shall live eternity, our lives will never end
You answer to no God now, only to your desire
You shall know no end, you shall never expire

I am your maker, I am your Puppeteer
You are the created, you are the puppet here
Stop trying to fight what you are, and instead try to
embrace it
We have all had our times to rebel, but we have come to
face it

I tell you now, from experience, that this wheel of
damnation cannot end
And if you should die, in your inexplicable death, where
would you be sent
Are you still loyal to what you had believed?
And if your loyalty should pay off would you not be

So enjoy the bloodshed as it lasts, after all you have
Live the sins as you have wanted in all of this simplicity
It pains me to see this devastation
All the devastation of my creation

© Black_Blood_Incision 2004

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