My Dream Journal
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2005-01-01 23:26:30 (UTC)

meeting at the Zu

I am in my dorm room, but it looks nothing like it. There
is a small window which is open, and I look out and down.
Sarah Moody and Suzanne Aitken are there, and they see me
looking at them. Sarah yells "Meeting at the Zu! Be
there!" I ask "when?" and she shouts "Right now!" and
sounds a bit miffed. I worry that this meeting was
something I already knew about and have forgotten, but I
have no memory of planning on going to a meeting this
evening. I grab my coat and run downstairs and to Inazu
house, which actually looks nothing like Inazu house.
It's much bigger, but I don't notice anything weird. I go
in and see that everyone is in Heather and Suzanne's room
which has a large open doorway leading to it and another
door on the adjecent wall, which leads to the kitchen.
Lots of people are there already and I worry that I'm
late. Deke has saved me a seat next to him on the couch,
and smiles warmly at me as I sit down, which makes me feel
better. Suzanne starts the meeting and I am rather
annoyed at her... she seems a bit full of herself. She
stands in front of the large doorway and we face her. A
few minutes in, several guys walk in behind her looking
confused. Apparently they are looking for the kitchen.
They see it through the other doorway, so they just walk
through the room and interrupt our meeting which I find
very rude, but they don't seem to notice that they've
interrupted anything. This happens three more times: each
time three or four boys walk straight through our meeting
and to the kitchen. I realize then that Deke is the only
boy in the meeting and that I still have no idea what the
meeting is about.

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