breastickle boy

breastickle boy
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2005-01-01 23:24:23 (UTC)

jareds party!!

jareds party was las nite
it was fun
dere was lots of little peeple there, who stole r alcohol,
dere was dis 1 especially small 1, so i kiked him in d hed
lara an sophie had a mass groping session of my
breasticles, so i elbowed lara in d breasticle an ran for
my life!!!
we ad pasta 4 dinna, an i poured italian cheese onit
it was MINGIN, i nearly puked
so i ate doritos d rest of d nite

hayley tort me dis reeli kool fing where u drink smirnoff
ice spinnin round, it made me reeli dizzy!!
den she drank my bakwashed smirnoff ice an nearly puked!!

@ midnite jareds dad set off sum fireworks! 1 of em went
accross an into next doors trees, an set em alite!! an den
dey cort on2 d shed/pool house! dere was a HU8GGGGGGGE
fire. an den jareds dad was tryin 2 put it out wid a hose.
an den d firemen came. dey put it was fun

i feel asleep @ 3, an apparently THEY put coctil sausages
in my ear :@:@:@. I CNT HELP IT IF IN A LITE WEIGHT!!

neway, gotta go c 2 my breasticles an sleep,


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