The Poker Files
2005-01-01 23:18:54 (UTC)

New Years Day

My name is Daniel Goldsmith and I am forging a career in
professional online poker this year. The only thing is I
was starting out with very little. Unfortunately due to a
night of drunken debauchery last night I am starting with
a little less than the thousand dollars I wanted - how
much less? A thousand dollars less actually!

So my plans have changed slightly when I get back down
south I am going to have to take on some casual work to
start building up my bankroll.

On a more positive note I have listed in my diary about a
dozen sites that have freerolls. I have listed the start
time's and everything. I have also began to promote one of
the sites I play at. I think it could be very profitable
going into affiliation too.

So today I have been plastering message boards with offers
to sign up with me as an affiliate of mine. I have
recieved about 20 emails and already four people have
signed up so it could be a good year! My aim is to have at
leat 200 affiliates by the end of the year. I think that
is realistic and achievable. Also with this sort of amount
it will be possible for me to help them shape themselves
as pro players too. If they win I win.

I haven't actually played at all today and I probably wont
for the next week or so I want to kickstart the affiliate
program and then, hopefully, some cash will start rolling

Until tommorow.. . .

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