Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-01 23:12:49 (UTC)

Tilt your head back...

well new year new friends, well not new exactly just
stronger friendships.
rob and peter have become really good friends to me and
its given me oh i dunno, its cheered me up. ok.

seriously need to go out, but if i go out tomorow and im
in manchester monday i will never get this college work
done at allllllll. dammit college screwing with my life!
unless time travel is invented in the next 48 hours.....
no wait..... if time travel was invented it could be
invented in 40 year and it wouldnt matter cos i could come
back and do th work then. yes to therefore i dont have to
do the work cos i can come back in time in 40 year and do
it and still get the mark and pass college then go forward
in time and i will have a good job and everything will be
right with the world!

duznt matt bellamy play the hysteria riff reallllly fast
live? never noticed tht b4. odd.


in this place trappped beneith my pillow wont let me see
your memories. i know ur in this room im sure i heard you
sigh. floating inbetween where our worlds collide.

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