2005-01-01 22:44:05 (UTC)

well i havent been able to..

well i havent been able to write because i have been at my
moms house for a while chrismas break is all most over i
went to my moms after chrismas there was notthing really
to do there but i hung out with some friend tim called me
on chrismas but i didn;t answer it i didn;t want to talk
to him then the next day i went to my moms and there he
was his mom lives in the same town as my mom and i am
friends with him sister britteny a lot happened the week
that i was up there tim wouldn;t stop talking about me
when i wasn;t there and then he wheni showed up at my step
brothers house were he was he left then he sister came
running up to me and asked me if i got any of his phone
calles and i said yah i got one and she said that i need
tog o and talk to him because he was by the phone the
whole night wating for me to call and then he left and she
went down stairs to go and find him and she found him
stabing him self with a knife thats not good so i went to
go and talk to him and he didn;t want to talk he just sat
there and made wise ass coments and was being a ass
notthing new with him then he deside to talk he wasnted to
say that he was sorry for what ever he did and that he
wanted me back and he keep on moving closser to me and
then he kissed me and i didn't say anythiing i just keep
on talking to him and then he went to kiss me again and i
said un un and he wanted to no what was wrong notthing was
wrong with me other then he fact that i couldnt stand to
look at him and that i wished that he would drop dead be i
wasn't going to tell him that so i just said notthing and
went about talking to him he wanted me back and all he
could do was be a ass so i went back in side and then they
sent me back out to go and get his knifes from him and he
was coming in as i was coming out and he was crying he
wanted a smock so chris gave him one and then he went back
outside they sent me out after him again they say that i
am the only one that he will think about listing to so i
went out there and he mouthed me off some more so chris
come out side with me and he was smocking and he droped
the cherry in tims head that will teach him not to be a
smart ass buy it didn't the next day he was a total jerk
mouthing off to brittey me chris and a 26 year old think
that he was that shannon made coments to me when he was
around about brandon and he got made called me a slut and
i whore and that i shouldn't go out with him and that he
was a jerk brandon is a really really really nice guy he
is the nicest guy that i have ever meet and i have meet
alot of people but what tim said din;t bother ne so i
called him to ask him why he was being a jerk to every one
and he said the seings how i liked josh and brandon and
they were both asses he was going to he a ass and try to
inpress me not going to work because they are not ass's

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