MY LIFE 2005
2005-01-01 22:11:17 (UTC)

The worst day ever

Me and Brian went out to eat at outback. Things were going
good. He started drinking and was drunk when we left. He
started arguing before we even got to the hotel. He took
his time getting dressed and was just plain aggrevating
the hell out of me. We went to clematis street it was so
romantic for a average couple ha thats not us. He was
looking at girls as we were walking down the street. I
felt sooo bad we weren't there even 10 min and I was ready
to go. Ended up going to a club he was acting o.k. at
first then started being loud and out of control.He was so
drunk by midnight I was ready to leave. I made the best I
could out of it by 12:30 I couldn't stand it I asked him
if we could leave. I had a terrible head ache and just was
not having a good time. Brian couldn't even barly stand
up. so I finally got him outside and was looking for a cab
he turns around and goes back into the club I follow and
he tells me to go on. He said I don't get it "he doesn't
want to be with me anymore" I started to cry. of course.
So I followed him around trying to keep him out of trouble
he was knocking into people and just making a scene.
We left and he wanted to go into another club he started
dancing with another girl bumping and grinding basically.
I said something to her that he was married and she was
really nice and walked away from him. then he kept
approaching girls. trying to make me jealous. I can't
believe I am married to a man like this. I should have
knew better. All the things he has put me through threw
the years. I feel so stupid.

Today I start a new way to look at things I promise myself
that I am no longer gonna take this bullshit anymore. I am
going to make myself happy. I have to lose about 100
pounds and plan to move back to Lexington in Feb. My life
has to change and the first thing that I need to change is
my relationship with Brian. He is not the one for me. He
is very hurtful. I can only take one day at a time.

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