Random Thoughts put together
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2005-01-01 19:54:55 (UTC)


Decisions decisions decisions. From the moment life is
created and till its end all we have are choices to make.
Right or wrong we must live by our selections in this maze
of never ending multiple answered questions. With none
being right or wrong, at least at the moment, we run
through this maze like a mouse looking for an exit. Bam!
One incorrect turn and we hit the wall. Where to go? What
to do? There is no going back or starting over because in
this game of life, the rules are defined clearly, there are
no retractions. This rule forces us to often ask this
question of What…If…? Questions like What if I had done
things differently? What if I would have studied a little
harder? What if? What if? What if? With each set of
resolutions are new sets of uncertainties resulting in a
set of questions. It’s a never-ending circle.
Is it not ironic that the reason I am writing this is to
ask a what if Question? “What if life was not based on a
selection tree algorithm?” Surely life is more complicated
than that. There has to be a greater meaning. If not than
it means that we are nothing more than a bunch of A.I.
beings running around waiting for a user to enter the next
set of instructions to be processed, hoping that we come
make the right choice so that we can “evolve” to learn the
meaning of life? Is that what we are? Or is it all life is,
a rhetorical question?

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