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2005-01-01 19:31:15 (UTC)

happy new years'

wow. a new year finally. my new years' resolutions are to
eat healthier and exercise more.

Y''s pretty pathetic when you're going out with
someone and it doesn't feel like it. anyone else get that
feeling? i haven't talked to melissa since christmas
morning. not even so much as a damn "hello". Nobody
answers the damn phone at her house. and the few times
someone did, she wasn't even home. I thought she was
grounded. and if you were grounded and just got un-
grounded, wouldn't you call and tell your boyfriend or
girlfriend? i would hope are with them, y'know?
but i guess she doesn't see things that way.

aside from that everything is alright. i went to my
cousin's house last night. It was his birthday. He's half
Jewish. He gets chanukah, christmas, then his birthday...
wow...unfair huh? not to mention his parents aren't far
off from RICH AS HELL. and he has an uncle who has more
money than i could wipe my ass with in a year. yeah.

Well... that's all i really have to say.

You know, you guys could reply if you want. I'm not one of
those assholes who bites your head off if you reply. So if
you have anything to say or have any advice for me, just
send something over. Or use my e-mail address. It
is "[email protected]"

later nubs