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2005-01-01 18:48:03 (UTC)

1.1.05 Resolutions?

Correction: Shannon DOES appreciate my pectoral muscles.

It has occured to me that every year, people I know
who have, respectably in my book, noticed flaws about
themselves choose to make resolutions, ya know, things that
they promise they will not do in the future. Yeah, I notice
flaws about myself, and I do see how a resolution could
work in theory, but frankly, my knowledge of human nature
and my downright laziness prevents me from making
I don't quite have statistics here, but I'm fairly
certain that those who set ambitious resolutions for
themselves fail most of the time. Setting a resolution is,
while American, setting yourself up for failure. But I
think its more than just these resolutions that are making
everyone fail. I think its goals in general. They've
honestly never done anything for me other than hurt my self
esteem. Many people think its a joke when they hear someone
say "if you set the bar low, then you cant fail." It's not:
failing hurts a lot more than winning helps, darn it.
Being generally positive minded, we expect to win in most
scenarios. There's nothing wrong with that. It's when we
set the bar at ridiculously unattainable things that we're
behaving stupidly.

But I look on TV and I hear people
say "well, you set the bar high and you didnt achieve your
goal, but you achieved more than you wouldve had you set
the bar lower." That's absolute trash. Don't let some guy
who has already succeeded EVER tell you how to be
successful. Shut up and dont make goals. Play life by the
ear. Let the good come and let the bad come, and dont EVER
complain about anything. You already know life is gonna be
a mixed package of good and bad, so why the heck are you
makin things worse on yourself by freakin tryin to do more
than you know you're capable of?
Everyone I talked to in like 6th grade swore that
they were gonna be doctors and lawyers and such. Everyone.
No one ever said "im not gonna go to college", "I'll live
with my moms till I'm 29", or "I know I wont be
successful." No.
Everyone was gonna be that position that is
honest work and makes a lot of money. Well, as nearly 90%
of us adolescents found out,IT'S HARD WORK! YOU HAVE TO BE
REALLY SMART AND MOTIVATED! The chances are against you.
Each year, less and less of the students I've encountered
STILL want to be a doctor or a lawyer or president or
something. What kind of message is that sending the youth
of America? "Oh, you're not talented enough to be the one
thing you want to be, so youll have to do something that we
as a society view as less important." Forget that. We're
all lazy, we all don't wanna do things, and we are all
failures who win in small dosages. There is only one first
place, and there are like 7 billion humans, so what brand
of idiot made you think it was gonna be you?

So hold your tongue on that resolution, and if you must set
the bar somewhere, set it low. Sure, somewhat pessimistic,
but safe, and in your best interest.