My lil life!
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2005-01-01 17:22:22 (UTC)

Jan01 First Day of 2005

Yiiiipppppeeeeee!! HAPY NEW YEAR!!!!

After da count down was over, mywas obviously red hehehe.. i
kept tellin people i juz had sumtin in my eye.. lol im such
a liar.

Well we went barr hopping.. got to V bar wit the crew and i
was not soo shocked to see Maia and Carmen (US) dancing on
stage and givine da crowd a hellova tym. so i went over and
sed hiwell actually carmen called me over and sed hi 1st.
she's got a nice heart. well i couldnt be ol jolly and hang
around dem da whoel tym coz i came wit ppl as well.

Not so long after poor Carmen puked in da bar and aftre that
dey had to leave. well i guess well all left bout 20-30mins
aftr and went to check out oder places. enertred a few more
and came out again, either the placs were too full, looked
to weird, or the ppl wernt in da same catergory as ours.

Belive me da whole time all i wantd ws a softh bed to lye
and sleep couz i was so wasted.

can trace our exact movenments dat night but by 6:30am i
went to caj n lovela's crib to crash. woke up at bout 10am
and followed dem all to church.

its was the Redeemed Christain Church of God. ran by a
nigerian pastor Wale. Was my 1st tym to go to curch in like
two years.

to tell u tha truth, i wasnt rili feeling it.

I dont mean to be rili bad, i belive im a sinner but not a
gr8 one. I can be forgiving and let go of all my brudens,
but theres juz one im not ready to let go off. And dat is
the issue with my mom. I cant find it in my heart to 4give
her.. not just yet. and from want i understand that a big
sin (hateing my mom) im not ready to let go off. So i feel i
would be fooling my sell if i go to church. well thats juz
wat i feel.. i'l be glad if sum1 can tell me more..

Finally came bak home at bout past 1pm. eat and slept da
whole day..

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