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2005-01-01 14:10:15 (UTC)


report of new yr activities

30th december, the day b4 the new yr eve, the temperature
droped till 8'c! it's crazy! u know i'm the tropical ppl,
i'll be freezing like a stone! anyway, it gave a good mood
for us to hv our activity prepared~ i've invited all of my
workmate to come my place and hv hotpot! there was sing
cfu, hung yea, fat mui, ar yiu, ar kin, jing jing and chel
chel! wah~ so warm so warm, and it taste really nice~~! ar
sing is really funny~ always hit fat mui like bad boy
street fight.. after that we hv card games which really
fun too!

31th december, new yr eve, i catch chel chel and jing jing
in lkf and we walk around. it is damn many ppl in there
walking and celebrating! it's really really cold outside
and we wear quit a lot of clothes~ jing jing left and i
catch turtle marvin duncan and his fd outsie c-club. there
was a syney boy who is damn look like a fool and he kissed
jing jing after she said happy new yr to that guy!
ahhhhh... disgusting!!! they were planned to go c-club but
rachel and i dun wantted to meet those chi-boy in there
with $200 walkin ticket, so that we juz splited into 2
groups to look for fun. we walked around and some forigner
asked us to drink and finnally, after we saw edison left
with a lot of reporter, we met the norway boy vagar and
his fds harald. god~ he looks juz so cool!! look really
yummy... he juz like the angel boy with gray green eyes,
and harald is a blue blue eyes baby, nice body with
handsome face, his another fds were so damn tall but cool
also..! he asked us if we recomment some bar for them to
go and asked us to play with them too! they buy us ticket
to get into the bar with unlimit drinks~ god that should
be what a party, with handsome guy paying the bill. . and
then we drink dance and talk until 4 sth. we met ar ho,
kin, chiwah, sea thief, and a lot a lot of forginer. asked
us to play together. and vagar stand out and tell them, "u
know what, they are the galfd of us." wow~ he keeps told
those faggat fuck off protecting us from those aggressive
monkey. we r having a very nice time in there! afterwards
we went to ymca and with a lot a lot of chatings, we
communicate and share our triditional cultures and
experience. they r the backpickers and they keep travel
around the world with short term job in every country.
that what my dream too, i gotta focus and start my plan
now. wel they r leaving on the day after again to the trip
to gounchau, i gotta miss u harald~

what a bid start in the first day of 2005
happy whole new yr, to myself and all of u

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