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2005-01-01 08:49:12 (UTC)

1.1.05 As Generically Stated generically stated, Happy New Year! I wasnt
gonna title this piece "Happy New Year" cause thats cliche,
and Ole Pontz here is too unique for such a title.

It was a fun New Years Eve, kinda.

Things kicked off with me waking up at like 12 pm. I
got a call from E Lites that cats were HOOPIN in the gym, I
think. Either that, or I called him. But anyway, yeah, cats
went to the gym and hooped it up, and Victor, Eric, Sadat,
Mark, and a couple others got to play with Adam, Steve, and
Justin of the Jewish Fellas INC. Fun, it was. I played
horribly, of course, as I've never claimed to be an awesome
hooper. Football's my thing. But I mean I was RUSTY! Either
way, dear and beloved reader, we (I) won every game I
played in, and I still dont think I can lose one on one to
you or anyone in your crew.

Then your Hero did nothing for a few hours.


Finally, I went to Lyse's (Hop(per)) house. It was fun. I
ate Harolds Chicken, and, God help me, it was darn good.
Lyse went out of her way to NOT tell me it was Harolds
chicken until after I had fully consumed it. Whatev. She'll
burn for it.
Chris Herring shows up and makes a complete fool of
himself (yes in the bad way), but, for some unidentifiable
reason, hes the only one who can get away with doin it,
without having me lose any more respect for him (if thats
possible). Kidding. But yeah, he came thru on Random
A rare acquaintance with people I seldom get to kick
it with outside of school. I love Hop and SHannon and
Kristina and Marcus and Nick and Dana and Chris and
Courtney and that person whom I KNOW im forgetting.

Lyse has good grape juice. Kristina has soft hands. Shannon
doesnt appreciate my pectoral muscles.

I got in around 2, i think.

Happy New Year

Alix Coupet, Jr.