Cruel Intentions
2005-01-01 02:54:02 (UTC)

Happy New Year

Last night I went out to a beach themed party for new years
eve with Ray and a few of our friends. I met Alex (Ray's
g/f) for the first time. She was nice to me when we met,
then got a bit funny as the night went on... i think she
actually hates me now. heh.. i guess she has good reason to
be wary of me, but still, its not my fault i screwed her
boyfriend. and besides that, she doesn't know about it so
who cares? i think she was just getting shitty that Ray
spent alot of time talking to me. I think she is just
jelous. i went back to thier place after the party, with
about 3 others. as soon as we got there, Alex is
like "ray... lets go to bed.." and looked straight at me,
like "sucked in Niki, i get to sleep with him" what a
bitch. the least she could have done is invite me aswell!
*lol* what a night.
I can't believe that it's 2005. im supposed to be going out
with james tonight, but i can't go home because my
housemates are fighting, and said not to come home. great,
i can't even get some clean clothes or anything. I'm at my
mum's now, so at least i can have a shower. i stink *lol* I
can't even be bothered going out tonight. I think im still
1/2 drunk anyway, and it's 1:30pm new years day.

Happy new year *kotC*
thinkin of u sab