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2004-12-31 23:22:57 (UTC)

am late

-The girl silently slips in her big emerald orbs scanning
the room quickly seeing that she is alone a bright smile
curls along her sultry lips. Stepping up to the desk that
Master has given her to write at she slides to her knees
and rests her ass back on her heels. Looking at the blank
paper she sighs not really sure what it is that she needs
to write to Him and sighs softly. The girl closes her eyes
and sits and thinks opening them slowly the emerald orbs
stare out the window. Looking back at the paper the girl
picks up the pen and starts to write.-
Master this one is sorry for her lack in writing but
she promises that she will be better at it just with the
holidays in all things got busy here. -Sighing to herself
as she has missed talking to Him more then Aany shall ever
understand.- This one must say though that she was far to
spoiled from christmas that You should be pleased. -
-Looking around the girl's eyes mist over as she
realizes that she is still alone here and longs for His
touch, His words, His love. Closing her eyes she takes a
deep breath and holds it. she dreams of His touch running
along her check down her neck past her collar, stopping a
moment to remind her that she is His. Feeling His touch
raom futher down her naked body as His finger tips graze
across her nipple she lets out a soft moan. Feeling her
body mind and soul yearn for Him she opens her eyes and
Master one Love You very much she wishes to never
displease You. For You never to loose faith in Yours. -The
girl purrs softly at the thought of staying Yours- The
girl prays that You keep her close to You forever.
-the slut lays the pen on the paper and runs her
fingers through her long flaxen mane as she closes her
eyes tightly wishing that Master was there to touch what
is HIS. to take what is HIS. Her hands slide along her
neck stopping at her collar and then down the middle of
her chest as she breaths shallowly dreaming that it is HIS
touch that she is feeling letting out a soft moan as her
finger tips reach the top of her slave heat. Hearing a
voice behind her she starts a lil and signs the paper.-

Forever and always your slut
demon {QR}