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2004-12-31 22:13:30 (UTC)

The Present (I hate this world!!!)

Well, today, a New Year celebration. Pretty much boring....
I can say, the worsest a New Year celebration in my life.
Fuck !!! Hate this day, hate this New Year, this
place.....Just cannot explain my emotions...

I am like in a prison, cannot go anywhere, cannot do
anything, cannot say anything...I want to leave from here,
and I don't know where....Tears coming from my eyes....

Well, I want to say a lot, but when I am trying, there is
nothing to say. God, why you left me again? I know I am
very bad, but still I need you, I believe in you. And I
believe that you not forget anybody. Please, help me, help
me to keep my anger and do not through it on a people,
help me to be better, help me to be a better believer.
Help me ! ! !

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