Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2004-12-31 21:29:12 (UTC)

December 31, 2004

Dear Master,

I am on day 2 of a very heavy period. I had to get up
before you because I needed to change my pad. My weight is
176.5 lbs. I feel bad about this, however, now that I have
begun to keep this journal, I will be itemizing everything
that I eat, so I know weight loss will be quicker and
easier. I will be accountable to you for all food and
drink, so I will think twice before eating anything that is
not approved on my diet!

I have been enjoying our week off together so much! I love
reading stories to you and feeling your touch while I
read. I am so happy to be your slave and to be completely
owned by you. I know that because of current living
conditions it is difficult for us to express our
relationship more openly, but it's fun to do small things
like looking to you for approval before sitting, standing
up when you get up, sitting on the floor next to your
chair, waiting till you begin to eat before I do, assisting
you in putting on your jacket, etc. I loved opening your
car door for you last night when we went out. I really
didn't care whether anyone saw or not. I feel emboldened
and empowered by our relationship and I have never felt
more confident in myself!

I know that I have punishments due because of my
disrespectful tongue. I have been trying to do better, but
sometimes when I feel I am being scolded or chastised
unfairly, my mouth seems to move independently of my
brain. I am so sorry for this, Master. I will try to do
better. I know you are a fair Master and I trust you. As
to my punishment, I dread that pain an humiliation it will
bring, but I am anxious for it to happen and to happen
quickly, because I know that we will then be able to put my
misdeeds behind us and move forward in our relationship and
my training. How I wish we had the freedom to take care of
punishments as needed.

It is nearly noon and we have not eaten. I must tend to
you and the children. I love you, Master and will write
more later.


Dearest Master,

It is now 3:55 PM. I fixed eggs for breakfast/lunch. I
ate a 2 egg omelet with mozzarella cheese and drank only
water. Later, you gave me a small bite of vanilla ice
cream from your bowl. Thank you, Master. What a nice

But not nearly as nice a treat as the one I received a few
minutes later. You had me lock our bedroom door and remove
my shirt. You pulled my tits out of my bra and pulled off
your own shirt. You then unbuttoned and unzipped your
jeans and pushed them and your underwear down. We began to
kiss while you stroked your cock and I rubbed my nipples
against yours. With my left hand, I stroked your balls.
You said ok, and at first I expected that you would push me
down in order to stick your cock in my mouth. But no, you
told me to lay on the end of the bed, with my head hanging
slightly over the side. I did as you instructed and then,
spreading your legs, you stood over me with your legs
straddling my face. I knew exactly what you wanted. You
began to stroke your cock while I used my tongue to bathe
your balls. I put my hands on you ass and began to probe
the crack with my right hand, looking for your tiny
puckered asshole. I absolutely love to lick your balls and
the position I was in, combined with you cumming all over
my tits, I was in slave heaven! After you came, you
rewarded me by putting your cock into my mouth so I could
clean you up. Yummmmmm! Thank you Master! Then you
helped me up and we shared a very exciting kiss. I wiped
the moisture away from your mouth, as is always required of
me, and happily asked if we could please do that again
sometime soon! You are so good to me Master!

I cleaned your car out for you this afternoon. We are
trying to sell it and did get a call for it today. It was
very messy and dirty, and at first I was a little irritated
at having to do it, but I am your slave and it is my duty
to take care of you as my Master and if I took a little
more care a little more often, it would never have gotten
to this point. I'm sorry Master. I will be more diligent
in the future.

You have instructed me to begin to memorize the slave
positions. I will begin by typing two per day into my
journal, in an effort to help myself in memorization.
These are the first two positions.

1. Standing-Slave stands upright, eyes cast down, legs
spread, hands in the neck. Especially when the slave
confesses her misdeeds.

2. Bend over-Bent over, legs straight and spread, hands at
ankles; backside faces Master for inspection.

Master, I love you so much. I am so happy in our
relationship and I can tell that you are happy and content
with this part of our lives as well. We have spoken of so
much that we have planned for our future. I trust you and
I believe in you and I know that all our hopes, dreams and
desires will come true.

My journal time is up for today, although there is so much
more to say. I'll just sign off with love, from your
loving and devoted slave,