Nayera Adham

Mon journal antime
2004-12-31 20:29:34 (UTC)

my life

hello i have a great life with my family not really great
but not bad i have a perfect friends my friends names
Perihan Nada Farah Sarah
Nabil,Habiba,Mariam,Rolla,Salma,Noha sorry i dont remember
all but soon i will write I LOVE Angelina my sister so much
i dont write her name in friends coz she more then friend
to me
she is a really great sister and friend this the last day
in year
2004 tomorrow will start a new year no one can know what
this year have from problems and somethings make you happy
2004 have a lot of bad things like my uncle died and my
mother aunt , my grandmother my sweet grand mother died in
2003 but i miss her so much and my grandfather he died
in2001 but all still in heart maybe i will not see them
forever but all still and always be in my heart about great
things i know Angelina this the great gift from god in this
year i know a lot of friends in net and my new friend Rolla
i know her from a lot of years but now we are close then
first and i am close from Mathew more then first ,Mohamed
Khaled and a new year in school 2004/2005 i know a lot of
new Mrs and Mr all the Mr ,Mrs is new bad . coz i love
the other more this life.i have 2 brothers one his name is
Mohamed have 18 years old and the another my twin Ahmed
have 13 like me i love black coulor make me sometime feel
relax and pink girl coulor and orange my private coulor
lol life not bad like ppl say life want one undersatnd it i
try to do love is the best feel can humain feel it for now
i dont have a really love about my ex b-f i will say the
truth i dont feel with him love only like i am cried when
we broked coz he hurt me a lot not for lose a love this the
first time i write or say this words to not make anyperson
think this my fault the best in diary u can say anything in
honest and no one can say this not ture best thing Mohamed
my brother really sweet person he understand me more then
Ahmed and Ahmed too sweet but he kid then me coz all say
girl her mind is oldest then boy but this both still my
brothers and i will love all forever mom and dad too so
sweet u know i gtg coz i write a lot and today new year i
am going and stay with my family bye i hope
Mohamed and Angelina will be togeather forever
bye Nayera