What's On My Heart
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2004-12-31 20:27:24 (UTC)

Family, work, and life

My family, though interesting (for lack of a better word) is
coming very annoying. Don't get me wrong, I love spending
time with them, but OIE!! Get me out of this house.
Sometimes I feel like the way of escape or seclusion is when
I am at work. Then, as loving families often do, they come
visit me. Waitressing has it's perks, but this cannot be
one of them. I am family oriented, but DAMN! My life
wouldn't be complete without them, but it probably would be
a lot less stressful. I shouldn't say that in that the new
year is coming up and I'm going through some pretty crappy
stuff right now and I need family, but I can only handle so
much love. This is sad in that I have already written in
this diary thing once today and I already have complaining
to do. HA! I need some serious help to cheer me up. Well,
I'm off. It's "family time" again. Much love to the world!

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