my so called life
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2004-12-31 18:42:12 (UTC)

Steve to the rescue

My friend Ally is having a party tonight, and I hope we'll
have fun. I was supposed to stop by Ben's place first and
then we'd go together. When I was ready to go (my dad was
going to drive me), I called Ben to check that they
weren't still having dinner, and he told me that they were
going to visit his grandmother at the hospital first. So
he would be home in an hour or so!! Of course I understand
that they want to visit her when she's sick, but he could
have told me a bit earlier! I was ready to go! Well, they
would pick me up on the way back from the hospital. I told
my dad he could have a beer since he didn't have to drive
me after all. So I sat down at the computer and suddenly
Ben sends me a text saying that they have to stop by the
graveyard as well, so it will probably be two hours! Since
my dad couldn't drive me anymore, I would arrive at the
party at about 9:30 pm..
You might think that I'm being bitchy now, he's visiting
his grandmother at the hospital and his late grandfater's
grave and I'm getting mad about it. But that's not the
point, the point is that I was ready to go, and he didn't
bother to tell me that he would be two hours late!

Well, Steve called a couple of minutes ago and offered to
give me a lift since he was driving someone past my house
anyhow. Bah.. God damn unconsiderate boyfriend!!