My lil life!
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2004-12-31 17:25:59 (UTC)

Dec31 NewYears Eve

Dear Diary,

The previous was totally fucked. i wasn’t gona let da mess
up today. Today's Dec 31th for crying out loud no matter
what ones bond to make merry and use that spirit to enter in
to da new year.

So i woke up and all, did sum major wardrobe arranging and
rearranging, wanted everything to be just right as i enter
da new year. That took me like hours to complete b4 could i
freshened for the move.

There was no way i was gona spent New Years Eve at home, in
the same place my "mom" is. that’s just like the biggest bad
luck for me right now. i blame her for almost everything
wrong in my life and i don’t want to be even close to her
when entering the new year. Well b4 i left the hose off the
puffy's place i wished my sis and bro happy new years..
cause dint even look at ‘their’ mom.

I reached puffy’s soon and i had two joints of week in my
wallet and a couple of V's/ well since he isn’t into any of
that it was all for me i guess. Im not rili inot dat but da
reason i brought it along was bcoz i wanted to have fun and
4get about all dat happened last nyt.. juz 4get about
everything bad and enjoy my self. Caj was der and so was
puffy's girl kookie..

I went to da balcony and smoked my joint and den i riii got
da munchkins hehehe i swear i eat what id normally eating
3days hehehe it was cool cuz kookies and i kept on teasing
each other to see hu would eat more.. and plus dat 4 bottles
of wine we finished :P

Bout an hour b4 mid night MJ, Lovela, Kim, Ogar and Alu came
around. we hooked up wit Gab and all went to da top of the
roof to watch the whole fire works show.. it was rili fun :)
the show was superb, you could literarily see the entire
Metro manila from up there. was da bamm

But sum how it wasn’t as good as last yr. i missed the
actual count down cuz i was too busy sipping on ma wine. and
apart frm my friends there, there was rili any loved one
around to share the moment with. hmmmm.... juz reminded me
how much the only we gat is rili ourselves. all i gat is me,
me, me. I should get used to that.

Well for my new years resolution, i think it would be a
better person that i an and try an be more of a man by start
being more independent of the parent and have to courage the
embrace hardships and loneliness. And try have more fun
whenever i can!


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