Modern Epiphany
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2004-12-31 04:23:40 (UTC)

What a difference a gender makes

Needless Information:I'm reading a book called The Sixteen
Pleasures by Robert Hellenga. Well he writes not only in
English in the book but also Italian. A tidbit of
information that is fairly useless but nice to know none
the less is the following:
"Non vale la pena" means "Its not worth the trouble" But
in italian if you get the gender wrong and end up
saying "Non vale il pene" you end up saying "Its not worth
the penis" As I thought about this, I completely agree
with the character in the book in saying that at some
times it doesn't really make a difference which one you
say and sometimes in all actuality the latter of the two
works out better. Every woman knows what I mean!!

Personally:Other than that, my day hasn't been too
productive...found out from a guy that I have slept with
that I rank #2 in all the girls that he has slept
with...and I was drunk as shit that night, which makes it
kind of funny...and actually makes me wonder how many
shity girls he has been with, lmao. but i didn't get to
talk to my bf, which sucks (he's overseas right now by the