Nick's Journal
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2004-12-31 02:29:57 (UTC)

This Journal-entry has been long overdue
read that and if you come to me with an epiphany i'll rape
you with a brick.
allow me to briefly discuss the oddities of the world.
there are none.
animals are more sensitive to certain sensotory factors
(i.e. smell, touch, etc.). it's just eeeeeeerie. ain't it?
there is nothing all-encompassing in life except for
yourself. what if you thought animals were some magical
fucking creatures that could sense things beyond our own
perceptions? why then this would be a story that
you would print out and inundate fellow co-workers with, my,
my, how we can shape our own realities.
what am i trying to get at with this journal entry? simply
that you shape your own reality.
if you think that animals possess some supernatural sensory
perception than this story has validated your
ridiculous notion.
give up religion. there is no valid excuse for how animals
are so much "smarter" than us. your reality has superceded
man i'm gonna enjoy this vacation, my brain is fucking
tapioca, look at my deteriotating diaries.
ha. diarrh--a fuck it.

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