Nick's Journal
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2004-12-31 01:42:49 (UTC)

Sorry I quit my job that's why I haven't written

yeah so i quit my job. i felt really badly as i did it. my
former supervisor (bonnie) is the coolest person i will ever
have lording over me, next to, of course, mr. tabeling,
actually.....i've had a good track record of
bosses.......thus far.
i quit my job with my present law firm for a new job with a
firm that will give me more experience (ex. breathe down my
neck) and pay me more. notice the order. so i just got
fucked up with my former co-workes (minus macey, i miss ya
homey, oh hey, i just talked black that means you've been
missed), and i have to say i will not find people like this
anywhere else. i can actually say i work well in a group
and not lie. who would have thought that this neurotic
sociopath would lay anti-semitic, racist jokes that would
make people laugh? well, i have worked with such people
and i feel pity for those who now have to work with me.
i will miss so much from my present firm. i envisioned a
journal entry in which i degraded those i worked with after
getting a new job but i just can't. the people whom i first
worked with on my first venture into the real world are the
greatest i could have hoped for. my first job was just as
crazy as my college years, it just brightens me, if my life
consists of such great people that i meet, then what more
could i want? i met my girl and best friends in college,
i've met those that gave me hope to combat the "real world"
with irony, in my first job, so what more do i really need?