Ski's thoughts
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2004-12-31 01:36:43 (UTC)

You Stole,

You took my dignity,
You stole my passion,
You robbed my love,
You stole my heart,
You destroyed my soul,
You kept my pain,
You slowly burned me inside and out,
You made 6 monthes of my life agonizing,
You stabbed my soft skin,
You deprived at my soul,
You stomped all over me,
You controlled me,
You hurt me.

All because of You, S.v.
S.a. is picking up pieces of my heart,
and chaining them to his.
If it wasn't for your failure towards me, I would have
never been givin' the detour to S.a.!
This is a page discribing my life,
Thank you, Shaun. I love you
With all my heart, love lots, Skylar

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